Our company is known for its superior product, knowledge base, analytical skills, sound market research, integrity and client service. The product is considered to comply with the highest ethical and professional standards.

We and our members are registered with the South African Council for the Professional Valuation Profession, and the South African Institute of Valuers.
No Matter the size or the risk we take the exact same care when undertaking valuations.
Our clients obtain valuations that are neatly and conveniently compiled, all our valuation reports are summarized and we offer a comprehensive valuation report on a specific property.
We offer a peace of mind with a reliable and valid valuation backed by our extensive research and expert opinions.

Gap Management always makes it a point that our clients receive reports that summarize the property giving the client a clearer and reliable indication of what the property has to offer to the potential buyers.

Visual images of the property are provided to the client for a quick reference and overview of the property, these visual images also assist for marketing purposes.


Our ethos of professionalism, honesty and integrity are unconsciously and consistently entrenched as key drivers to our success as we accept accountability for every aspect of our valuation services.

Gap Management utilises DATA from leading South African Property Information suppliers such as the South African Property Transfer Guide and Windeed when compiling valuation reports.

With a strong national footprint we have the ability to value any asset across the country and are recognised in the industry, we are committed in consistently driving innovation throughout all areas of our client’s asset portfolios.


  • Standard Bank
  • Velilo Tinto
  • Venns


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